Nonprofit Compensation Expert

James Abruzzo: Nonprofit Compensation Expert

As a nonprofit advisor and management consultant, James Abruzzo offers executive compensation guidance to nonprofit organizations in the US and abroad and negotiates executive contracts on behalf of individual executives or boards. He is a frequent commentator on the topic of nonprofit executive compensation and his views have appeared in a broad spectrum of publications from specialized journals, topical news articles, and lengthier pieces in The New York Times, Crain’s New York Business, and others.

Executive Contract Negotiations

James Abruzzo is the only independent consultant to negotiate contracts on behalf of senior nonprofit executives. When a nonprofit executive is offered a new position or is considering renewing or extending his or her contract, James provides the expert advice, understanding of the dynamics of the field, and over 30 years of negotiation experience to be an honest broker on behalf of the executive. James helps executives maximize their earning power, minimize tax payments, and protect themselves from unfair dismissals.


Best Practices in Compensation

James provides a step by step methodology that insures best practices, avoids a conflict of interest and, by providing proprietary data about industry comparables, creates a “safe harbor” for the board and executive while reducing the bad publicity because of the appearance of excess compensation.


For a list of James’ nonprofit compensation clients, click here.

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