“What a joy to spend time with you yesterday! Thank you for the thoughtful, practical advice, and for taking time to puzzle through creative ways I might broaden my current responsibilities. I am sure you’ve been told this many times before by colleagues and students, but I think you have a remarkable ability to inspire people to move from contemplation to action. Late yesterday Cristián agreed to a conversation before the end of the year to discuss possible new responsibilities. I will keep you posted, but know that your words provided the encouragement I needed. And, if in the end, I’m asked to continue in my present role, that will inform what steps I consider next, even if that is a conscious decision to stay put for the next few years.
Thank you for your time and wisdom. I hope I have the chance to return the favor in even a small way by organizing a great day at the zoo for you and your granddaughters in the coming months. April through mid-May is a beautiful time to come to the Bronx Zoo, and the Central Park Zoo is a delight just about any time of the year.
Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. ”

“No one knows the nonprofit world like James. His work as a compensation consultant is deep, targeted, efficient and thoughtful. He’s a great communicator with Board leadership and oversight committees. He’s been a valued business resource to me for decades.”
Bobbie Arbesfeld, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at New Jersey Performing Arts Center

“James has an outstanding knowledge of the nonprofit sector and was particularly helpful to our organization in organizing a much needed Compensation Committee of the Board of Trustees, benchmarking salaries, and helping the Board to think through the senior professional positions needed for the organization.”
Stephen Coan, President and CEO at Sea Research / Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration / Immersion

“As a family foundation where the four of us are also the staff, we were concerned that setting our own compensation could be perceived as a conflict of interest.  James Abruzzo developed a method that removed the conflict and gave us assurances that our compensation was fair and reasonable.  We now employ him every three years to review our compensation.”
President, Family Foundation

“When I became chair of the foundation, I had a desire to institute best practices in many areas:  we hired James who helped us institute best practices in executive and board compensation.  The foundation owned six separate for-profit companies and we were paying employees from each company.  James simplified our systems, brought us into compliance and then became a trusted advisor on other challenges as well.”
Board Chair, $250 MM NYC Foundation

“The competition for talent is so great, we wanted to insure that we could keep our executive director for as long as possible.  James helped us institute some compensation programs that were a strong incentive for our CEO to remain.”
Board Chair, Mid-sized Association

“When I was offered my first museum director position, my major concern was leaving a very safe and prestigious curatorial position for a museum with significant board and management challenges.  I hired James to negotiate a contract on my behalf that would protect me and my family and then, when it was clear that I could no longer remain in the position, James negotiated a severance package that allowed me to take my time finding another position.”
Director, Mid-sized Museum

“James recruited me to my current position as President of a performing arts organization.  When it was time to renew my contract, the board wanted me to extend the contract, as did I, but there were many issues, including my demand for a significant increases in salary, which we couldn’t agree on.  I hired James, with the board’s knowledge, and he was able to act as a ‘friend of the family’ to get me the increase that I wanted and to satisfy the board chair that the offer was fair and defensible.”
President, Performing Arts Center

“We had not even heard of Intermediate Sanctions and were not aware of the potential personal liabilities.  James helped us come into compliance, develop a compensation philosophy and institute a rational compensation plan for us and our CEO.”
Board Chair, Small Foundation

“As a nonprofit executive, I never realized that there were ways in which I could save more for my retirement.  James showed me a number of ways which were very helpful to me and agreeable to my board.”
Executive Director, Mid-sized Nonprofit Organization

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