Executive Search

James Abruzzo, Global Practice Head, Nonprofit Practice, DHR International

Over the last 35 years, James Abruzzo has conducted hundreds of executive searches and consulting projects across the spectrum of nonprofit organizations. James’ clients range from arts organizations to international NGOs. The clients listed are, for the most part, clients from the last 15 years although some have been clients for more than 20. Of those clients listed, the average tenure of the placed executives is among the highest in the search field. Most of the searches are for the position of CEO while others are for members of senior management teams.

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For more information, including the name of the organization, the position, and other information related to James’ work with the client, see below.

There is a large and growing leadership gap in the arts and culture field. The number of organizations continues to grow while an entire generation of leaders is nearing retirement, making the competition for the most talented intense. For more information on the crisis in arts leadership, click here.

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