Expert Witness

James serves as an expert witness for legal cases involving nonprofit executive compensation, nonprofit employment and cases involving nonprofit governance, board action and related issues.

A major university was threatened with a lawsuit brought by the citizens of the town where it was located. The plaintiffs argued that because the university paid some its professors an excessive amount of compensation, the university should lose it s nonprofit status and therefore pay real estate taxes to the town (and thereby lessen the tax burden of the local homeowners). The defendant’s lawyers consulted James to help develop a rationale for the compensation of its employees consulted James.

One member of a divorced couple, as part of the divorce negotiations, contended that she had a particular kind of nonprofit specialization and that she would not be able to gain future meaningful employment post divorce. James’ expertise in the area of nonprofit executive employment proved conclusive in a brief he wrote demonstrating that, in fact, an individual with similar credentials could reasonably expect to gain meaningful employment post-divorce.

James was also consulted as an expert witness in an unfair dismissal case of a nonprofit executive.

A foundation president won a mesothelioma judgment but the defendant refused to compensate him at a level based on his current compensation, claiming his compensation was unreasonable. James demonstrated, using compensation studies and interpretation of past IRS actions, how the plaintiff’s compensation was fair and reasonable.

James was also the key witness in the Friends of the Barnes Museum case during the trial to relocate the museum from Merion, PA to Philadelphia. His brief can be read here.

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