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Open Executive Search Assignments DHR International Nonprofit Practice

Executive Director
Watermill Center for the Arts

The Executive Director of the Foundation is the chief executive reporting to the board. Robert Wilson, the founding artistic director, serves as a member of the board. The Executive Director will ensure that the board meets its fiduciary responsibilities to sustain the organization, protect the assets and plan for the future.

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Vice President for Community Engagement
Peace Center,  (a major performing arts center in Greenville, SC)

The VP of Community Engagement will fulfill an expanded role at the Peace Center.  This individual is charged with developing a model community engagement program, one that will build upon the programs for which the Center is known, creating a rich environment for learning, self-exploration, and engagement. In the belief that high-quality arts can change how we see ourselves in the world and can create a stronger sense of unity and belonging, the Peace Center seeks to bring diverse communities together and enable meaningful dialogue across those communities. The VP of Community Engagement will help to strengthen the brand and influence of the Peace Center in Greenville and throughout the country.

Executive Producer
BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)

The Executive Producer (EP) will articulate and implement an artistic vision for BAM that recognizes the history of the institution, yet responds to the opportunities of today’s artistic, cultural and philanthropic environment. The EP will ensure that BAM maintains its long-standing role as a leading, global, multi-arts arts center, and as a catalyst for the ever-growing artistic development in the borough of Brooklyn and in NYC. The EP will demonstrate creative excellence in programming across the modern performing and contemporary visual arts and humanities, and will assess and respond to the current needs of a diverse range of artists and companies using BAM’s physical and intellectual assets. The EP will have the strategic skills to create long-term, institutional programs, collaborations, and festivals; attract local, national, and international artists and arts collaborators; fully engage the curatorial, education and community programming departments within BAM, all with an eye for innovation and excellence. As a result, BAM’s programming will continue to receive global critical attention and acclaim.

VP, Marketing and Communications
Segerstrom Center for the Arts

The Vice President of Marketing and Communications will be responsible for a significant portion of the annual earned income of the Center, through subscription, single ticket and groups sales of the hundreds of self-presented events and Broadway shows, rentals and income related activities such as catered events and restaurant sales. The department is also responsible for the development and implementation of strategically focused marketing and communications plans designed to enhance the institution’s brand both nationally and locally and to strengthen the awareness of the products, programs and education/outreach opportunities offered by the Center to the general public.

Executive Director
International Festival of Arts and Ideas (New Haven, CT)

The International Festival of Arts and Ideas seeks an Executive Director to lead one of the most established US international festivals that presents international, national and local artists concurrent with an active, lively gathering of writers, poets, scientists and humanists in a three-week festival in New Haven, CT.