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James Abruzzo’s new book “Nonprofit Boards and CEO Employment Contracts: What They Are, What Is In Them, and Why Both Boards and CEOs Should Agree to One” is now available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book or paperback.


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This book is invaluable for nonprofit board members hiring a CEO and executives offered a nonprofit CEO position.

For those nonprofit organizations and CEOs already with employment agreements, this book is a handy reference to ensure that all the terms provided in a contract are covered and that the nonprofit organization and the CEO are protected. The nonprofit CEO contract is designed for board members and executives employed in aquariums, performing arts centers, educational nonprofits, foundations, museums, social service, social justice organizations, zoos, and any other 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 organization. CFOs and Human Resources Officers will also find nonprofit contracts valuable as they develop the CEO contract and oversee contracts for others in the organization.

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“I have experienced the challenge of introducing bonuses and severance terms to board members who did not have a background in the subjects. Abruzzo’s guide would have been very useful during those times. Thankfully, it is available now to help nonprofit boards and CEOs understand contracts and the options that are available to develop an agreement that will meet everyone’s needs.”

— Michael Watson
Employee Experience Advisor, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Trish-Brennan-Testimonial- CEO-employment

One of the most significant undertakings of a board is the employment of a CEO. Abruzzo is spot-on with his points about an employment contract. Ambiguity leads to translation of intent after the fact. I strongly endorse James’ suggestions as they remove the advantage to either employee or employer. A clear, fair understanding between all parties highlights the issues that tend to be important to all.”

— Trish Brennan
Vice President, Human Resources, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts


“This book should be given to every incoming CEO or board chair engaged in the succession planning process. It is a quick and comprehensive read that offers transformative insights and reflects the expertise James has developed over his career. Every word reflects his scope and depth of knowledge of the subject. It is a must read guide on how to do it right.”

— Philip Salerno III
President and Chief Development Officer
Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation

This book is the culmination of a lifetime of expertise, written by James Abruzzo, an executive recruiter, management consultant, and compensation specialist for nonprofit boards and CEOs. He is the Global Head, Nonprofit Practice for DHR Global, an international executive search and leadership consulting firm and President of Abruzzo Associates, a compensation consulting and employment contract negotiating company. He is one of the few consultants retained by nonprofit CEOs to negotiate employment contracts on their behalf. James Abruzzo also serves as an expert witness in nonprofit employment cases and provides best practices advice to nonprofit boards. He was Co-founder and Director of the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School and served as a professor of practice at graduate schools of arts management in Bologna, Milan, and Berlin.

A major US museum board chair describes the book as a “thoughtful and informative guide from his many years of advising both nonprofit boards and CEOs on a topic we should all become more familiar with: employment contracts.”

Topics covered:

  • What is an appropriate salary and how to determine it?
  • Are bonuses common in a nonprofit organization?
  • Which benefits are expected, appreciated, and which should be avoided?
  • What retention tools are available to attract and retain a great CEO and how can they be implemented?
  • Once the contract is completed, who is responsible for administering it?

“Nonprofit Board and CEO Employment Contracts” is the ultimate “how to” book and an informative, easy-to-follow guide for both the board and CEO of both major and smaller nonprofit organizations.

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