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Nonprofit Executive Compensation Negotiation

James Abruzzo is the only independent consultant to negotiate contracts on behalf of senior nonprofit executives. James helps executives maximize their earning power, minimize tax payments, and protect themselves from unfair dismissals. James also assists boards and compensation committees to maintain best practices in nonprofit executive compensation while insuring that the executive is fairly paid and motivated in his position.

For a CEO renewing a contract or contemplating a new position

For a CEO who retains James to negotiate a contract with a new employer or renegotiate a contract with an existing employer, the purpose is to protect their employment, create a contract that allows them to save for their retirement and ensure that they are fairly compensated.

For the board hiring a new CEO 

For the Board who is hiring a CEO without the assistance of a search firm, retaining James Abruzzo to negotiate the contract ensures that the board is following best practices, is compensating at a fair and reasonable level and that they are offering compensation that will motivate the CEO. Click here if you are a board member


To facilitate fair negotiations between the parties

And then, there are times when James acts as the go-between, representing the interests of both the board and the CEO who want to renew a contract and want to avoid the potential misunderstandings that arise when careers, contracts, compensation, and severance are discussed


As a succession planning tool

Providing a long-term contract that articulates an end date is part of the succession planning process.  See James’ writing about the use of contracts to facilitate succession planning.

Contact James for help negotiating your executive contract.

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