ASTC Conference Report Executive Search

    The ASTC 2014 conference was held in Raleigh, home of the North Carolina Museum of Sciences. Dr. Emlyn Koster, who DHR recruited to his position, was the perfect host, opening up the expansive natural history museum and newly opened science center additions to the hundreds of conference attendees.

Emlyn and many of his colleagues see science centers as great places of learning and also as institutions that must remain relevant. With science-themed issues of general concern like global warming, the need for renewable energy, pandemics, and the ethical and scientific issues around genomics, the leaders in field believe they have a responsibility beyond sustaining the business. As Emlyn noted,
“Relevancy entails a comfort with controversy that, in turn, involves fostering an atmosphere where difficult questions can be broached and a variety of opinions expressed.”

I too believe that science center directors, indeed all cultural and educational leaders, have a responsibility beyond running an excellent institution and being relevant. Rather the great leaders, feel a responsibility toward the greater good (see my introduction to the World Congress in South Africa.)

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