Ethical Code for Performing Arts Centers

Ethical lens #12. We need an ethical code for the performing arts.  We were always on the precipice, but we’ve now begun the deep descent on the slippery slope. Last week at Carnegie Hall Keith Jarrett interrupted his performance on three occasions with snide criticism of Trump (using a separate mike set up for the occasion) to the applause and, for some unease, of audience members. We are at a point of confusion – the arts must be free from censorship, of any kind, yet here is an arts institution preventing a personal political opinion. “A tee shirt or button is OK” but a sign affixed to one’s back is not. Clearly, we need more focus.   There is an ethical contract between a performer or a performing arts presenter when someone purchases a ticket.  They promise to provide professional, honest, ethical arts (high quality, not pirated, etc.) and you pay for a ticket.   You don’t need to be a captive audience to a performer’s political predictions nor should you be censored from wearing an article of clothing (unless it is a large hat blocking the view of the person behind you.   http://


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